Firefly 6


Firefly 6 is а night vision sight with fixed 6x optical magnification. Thanks to the optical scheme of Firefly 6, it offers the hunter clear picture and accuracy at great distances that is an incomparable advantage over all the other night vision sights.


Firefly 6 offers the same ergonomic design and functionality as the smaller – Firefly 3, but with trophy guarantee for ranges up to 400 meters. The distance of mid-sized game detection is 900 meters and the recognition distance is 400 meters. The device is configurable with large variety of Image Intensifier Tubes (2+, USV Green/BW, XD4 Green/ONYX, XR5 Green/ONYX).

OPTIX Night Sight Firefly 6 - Hunting Optics

OPTIX MOVIE - Hunting with Night Vision

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