• IdentifieR Snapshot 60/100 - Тhe Superior System

    The thermal imaging rifle scope IdentifieR Snapshot is a superior system which is designed for hunting and wild life observation at mid to extremely long distances.
  • RecognizIR 50 - The golden Medium

    RecognizIR 50 combines the lightness and compactness of RecognizIR 35 but with distances for detecting and shooting close to those of IdentifieR 60 Snapshot.
  • RecognizIR 35 - The Tiny Rival

    RecognizIR 35 is extremely compact, lightweight and easy to use, multifunctional thermal imaging unit.
  • ZIR 60 Snapshot

    The thermal vision clip for long range performance Z-IR 60 Snapshot is specially designed to be used from hunters. Easily transforms existing sniper systems into fully functional devices.
  • Forester 3

    Forester 3 is a night vision binocular intended mostly for extensive observation of game in a natural environment. Its 3X magnififcation, comparatively wide field of view and compact dimensions.
  • Hillwalker - Hunting Guide’s Best Friend

    Hillwalker 50 are twin tube night vision goggles which allow the user to perform complex tasks such as driving a vehicle or vessel.
  • Boarhunter 40 - А View Of The Night Spectacle

    Boarhunter 40 is a light, reliable and compact night vision monocular. Thanks to its wide objective, this monocular is perfect for observation and full immersion into the depths of the night wild
  • Marksman 75

    Markman 75 is an attachment device that serves the purpose of converting existing day sighting systems into fully operational night vision optics implying minimal modification to the configuratio
  • Firefly 3 - Midnight Trophy Finder

    This night vision sight with 3x magnification is the advantage you need during the night. Firefly 3 is one of the most compact, ergonomically designed and wide functional sights in its class.
  • Firefly 4V - The Medium Midnight Trophy Finder

    Firefly 4V is by far the most technologically advanced night vision weapon sight on the market today. It is engineered in accordance with the highest standards.
  • Firefly 6 - Precise Shot In The Dark!

    Firefly 6 is а night vision sight with fixed 6x optical magnification. Thanks to the optical scheme of Firefly 6, it offers the hunter clear picture and accuracy at great distances.
  • Speedaim - …Point and shoot

    The  Speedaim is a wide-range reflex weapon sight, generally referred to as “imaginary red dot sight”. It is suitable for rapid targeting, including of moving objects.