IdentifieR Snapshot 60/100 - Тhe Superior System


The thermal imaging rifle scope IdentifieR Snapshot is a superior system which is designed for hunting and wild life observation at mid to extremely long distances in virtually any environmental conditions including total darkness (0 lux), heavy rain or snow, fog or smoke using completely passive infrared mode /no light or other energy waves are emitted, whatsoever/. The design of the rifle scope allows it to be used as portable thermal imaging camera and it has video recording capabilities. Available with 60 mm objective - IdentifieR 60 Snapshot and 100mm objective - IdentifieR 100 Snapshot.

The advantages of IdentifieR Snapshot compared to competitive products are the following:

  • There is no limit in the frame rate which means real time observation and sighting;
  • The high durable carbon coating on the front lens prevents it from scratching or any changes or damages on it;
  • We offer 5 exchangeable reticle types placed directly in the sight;
  • We offer 5 different zeroing positions, i.е. 5 positions of the reticle can be saved and used for 5 different weapons;
  • IdentifieR Snapshot uses a dynamic scale which changes its colour depending on the background of the scene.
  • IdentifieR Snapshot offers 3 X optical magnification and 4 X digital zoom which means 12 X total magnification;
  • Enables manual and noiselessly NUC (non uniformity correction) which means picture reset.
  • IdentifieR Snapshot has been tested on virtually any caliber type, including .338LM and .50BMC;
  • IdentifieR Snapshot has a large exit pupil relief;
  • When used with 18650 Li-Ion batteries works continously from 6 to 15 hours
  • The housing is made of magnesium alloy ( it is not plastic) which means that is extremely light and at the same time robust;
  • We offer direct mounting to Blaser rifles (Blaser Montage).

Thermal Scope IdentifieR 60

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