RecognizIR 35 - The Tiny Rival


RecognizIR 35 is extremely compact, lightweight and easy to use, multifunctional thermal imaging unit. Suitable for discreet surveillance, detection and enumeration of the game as well as direct mounting on the rifle for aiming. The detector is a highly sensitive (<50mK) microbolometer matrix with 384x288 resolution that guarantees clear image in all weather conditions. The unique design makes the device reliable and ergonomic and the user-friendly interface optimizes the hunting experience by offering multiple functions.


The extremely compact, lightweight and easy to use unit

has options for digital image processing, optimizing the image for different weather conditions (rain, fog, hot weather) or simply according to the personal preferences of the user. The exchangeable reticle patterns and the ability for digital reticle adjustments make the operation with the device extremely easy and ensure its accuracy. The additional Wi-Fi adapter enables wireless video transmission to any tablet or mobile phone to share your hunting emotions with friends.

OPTIX Thermal Monoculars RecognizIR 35, 50

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