Speedaim - …Point and shoot


The  Speedaim is a wide-range reflex weapon sight, generally referred to as “imaginary red dot sight”. It is suitable for rapid targeting, including of moving objects. It can be used both separately and in combination with different types of magnifiers and night vision devices. It is suitable for all sorts of weapons – rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers.  

Speedaim is designed in three sub-models:

  • S – for single point mount on light caliber rifles, some shotguns, pistols and revolvers;
  • M - for dual point mount but still in a compact package;
  • L – for dual point mount on heavier caliber rifles; 

The adjustable reticle brightness allows the hunter to choose among 10 preset brightness levels – 7 in day mode and 3 for use in configuration with night vision devices.

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