OPTIX PGO-7VU - Grenade Launcher Sight


Optical sight for grenade launcher PGO-7VU is intended for observation and detection of human targets, equipment and facilities of the enemy and target shooting with RPG-7 series. The sight allows precise aiming and shooting with RPG-7 series.

Its flexibility is achieved through a unique adjustment system on three levels.

The sight has three external scales – universal, fine and ballistic. Using a combination of universal and fine scales, provides the possibility of inserting any elevation angle ranging from 0 to 5-50 thousands. Ballistic scales are designed for direct fire with different grenade types, and their differentiation is made by numbers to identify the type of grenade used and the shooting distances from 1-20 hectometers (1 corresponds to 100 m ÷ 20 to 2000m).

Magnification, times 2.7
Field of view, Degrees 13
Power source 2хАG13 (LR44; 357А; 1/3N; СR1/3N)
Weight, kg < 0,850

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