OPTIX NVA-50 - Night vision attachment


The Night Vision Attachment for Universal optical sight for grenade launcher NVA-50 is designed for observation, detection of enemy personnel, technics and objects and conducting aimed fire with handheld grenade launcher RPG-7V, in the conditions of low environmental illumination – during twilight or during the night.

The combination of the Optix’s optical sights PGO-7VU or PGO-7V

with the Night Vision Attachment NVA-50 allows the sights to be used during the night. The principle of operation of the Attachment is analogical to the classical image intensification night vision devices.

Magnification 1x
Field of view (FOV), degrees 20
Power supply One AA(R6) battery, 1.2 V accumulator or 1.5V alkaline or 3.6V lithium
Automatic bright illumination source protection yes
Weight 0.650 kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 177 x 71 x 62 mm

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