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OPTIX ONS-6 - Night Vision Sight

OPTIX ONS-6 is a 6x magnification night vision sight. It is designed for long range use in the military and law enforcement unit. The device ensures  durability and precision. The sight is offered in combination with different Image Intensifier tubes and reticles. It also incorporates standard Picatinny rail mount and IR illuminator mount.

ONS-6 Night Vision Sight can serve the following tasks:

- target acquisition;

- fire control;

- tactical and strategical surveillance;

- field reconnaissance.

Key Characteristics:

  • The device can incorporate different types of 18 mm Image Intensifier tubes
  • 160mm objective’s focal length
  • Variety of reticle types with ballistics for different calibers
  • Mount for IR illuminator
  • Operates with any type of AA battery
  • Durable housing and design that can withstand the toughest calibers.