OPTIX ONS-6 - Night Vision Sight


ONS-6 is one of the most technologically advanced weapon sights on the market.

The sight can be mounted on virtually any type of assault or sniper rifles and is suitable for variety of military and law-enforcement applications. ONS-6 is engineered in accordance with the highest MIL standards.

Magnification 6x
Field of View 6.2°
Focus range from 20 m ÷ ∞
Power supply 1 x 1.5 V AA (R6) alkaline battery or 1 x 1.2 V AA (R6) accumulator battery or 1 x 3.6 V AA (R6) lithium battery or 1 x 3.6 V AA (R6) lithium battery
Supplying voltage 1.2 ÷ 3.6 V DC
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 276 x 98 x 106 mm
Weight 1.5 kg (aluminium alloy housing) / 1.1 kg (magnesium alloy housing)
Mounting method MIL STD 1913 (Picatinny rail)

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