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We are OPTIX - The eyes you trust

27 july 2022

We are OPTIX - The eyes you trust

Since the founding of OPTIX we laid in our DNA the impulse for development to deliver the most adequate, useful and trustful solutions to our partners and customers.

That is why today – on our 24rth birthday we are implementing this idea with our new corporate slogan:

We are OPTIX – the eyes you trust.

Because we perceive with our eyes more than 80% from the information from the surrounding world and we trust this sense the most.

We are OPTIX – Because we are the ones that change the invisible curtain with crystal crisp images from the different light spectа to protect and prevent the nature and the people. The ones, that will be next to you in every moment and will provide the most adequate solution for your need.

We are OPTIX – Because we have developed our own tradition with vision for the future. A future that will take us beyond the limits of the possible. A future that will bring us more security and prevention from the threats.  A future that relies on knowledge, skills and the constant striving for development.

We are OPTIX.

The eyes you trust!

  • 27 july 2022
  • OPTIX Co