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Industry day for students at OPTIX

05 may 2023

Industry day for students at OPTIX

On April 26th, students from the Professional High School for Industrial Technologies, Management and Tourism and "Nesho Bonchev" Secondary School visited two of the company's production sites.

The visit under the title "An hour at OPTIX" is part of the events in the company's corporate calendar dedicated to its 25th anniversary.

The management of the company invited students from "Nesho Bonchev" Secondary School (10th grade) and the Professional High School (8th and 9th grade) to learn about the company's history, traditions, and high-tech optical production processes. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to meet with various teams, including Human Resources, Marketing, Thermal Imaging, Test Lab, and Opto-Mechanical Manufacturing, to learn about the development opportunities available in those areas

In the "Dr. Chochev" Industrial Zone, the students of the Professional High School, a dual form of education, visited the opto-mechanical production, where the internships for the students of "Laser and optical technology" are also designated. Becoming part of the workflow of the team in the field, they followed the path of a production order and observed the sequence of operations related to its processing.

The students from 'Nesho Bonchev' SU visited the OPTIX Technology Park, and the team from the assembly workshops of the 'Thermovision' department presented the work process related to the production of finished products and also conducted an outdoor demonstration. The students followed with interest the process of testing the products, presented through the capabilities of the equipment in the "Testing Laboratory".
The open day ended traditionally with a general photo.

The event continues in the month of May in the other production sites of the company under the sign of the developed partnership with schools and universities.

  • 05 may 2023
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