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Meet OPTIX at MILIPOL 2023 in Paris

09 oct 2023

Meet OPTIX at MILIPOL 2023 in Paris


OPTIX is excited to announce its participation in the prestigious MILIPOL 2023 exhibition in Paris, where we will showcase our cutting-edge surveillance and sighting solutions.

Join us at our booth to have an opportunity to meet with our dedicated team and experience firsthand our latest innovations:

  1. Night vision products: Discover our state-of-the-art night vision technology that enhances visibility in low-light conditions, providing a critical advantage in various applications.

  2. Thermal imaging products: Explore our advanced thermal imaging solutions, designed to detect and visualize heat signatures for a wide range of purposes, from security to industrial applications.

  3. Border protection products: Learn about our comprehensive range of border protection solutions, tailored to meet the challenges of securing borders in an ever-changing world.


With a legacy spanning over 25 years, OPTIX has been a trusted partner for numerous End Users, OEMs, and suppliers worldwide. We have consistently delivered high-performance and reliable products that meet the demands of our diverse clientele.

During the event, we invite you to engage with our team to discuss your specific needs, attend informative presentations, gain insights into industry trends, and explore how OPTIX can provide value-added solutions to address your challenges.


Event Details:

  • Date: November 14-17, 2023
  • Location: Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
  • Booth: 4B021


To ensure a personalized experience, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with our team at a date and time that suits you. Please click HERE to book a meeting.


We look forward to welcoming you at MILIPOL 2023 and demonstrating how OPTIX can empower your surveillance and sighting needs with innovative, reliable, and high-performance solutions.

  • 09 october 2023
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