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OPTIX IdentiFIRE system demonstration with project SILVANUS

14 june 2024

OPTIX IdentiFIRE system demonstration with project SILVANUS


   From 3rd to 6th of June, the OPTIX team, together with partner 3MON took part in a Czech Pilot Demonstration within the international project SILVANUS - an integrated technological and information platform for wildfire management. Throughout the demonstration the OPTIX team showcased the capabilities of the OPTIX IdentiFIRE system for early fire detection in integration with 3MON`s specialized software GINA.

The OPTIX IdentiFIRE system excels in detecting wildfires during their initial stages, allowing for swift action and suppression. The system is equipped with specially developed OPTIX cameras to provide efficient performance in hilly, mountain and alpine conditions. The system utilizes advanced thermographic functions and optimized IR heat detection algorithms to provide highly efficient and reliable wildfire detection. 

After the system detects infrared radiation, it will send an alarm signal to the control center. The dispatch operator takes manual control of the monitoring system, analyzes the data from the camera, and evaluates whether the information is related to a real fire or just a false alarm. When the fire is confirmed, the GINA navigation system receives GPS coordinates from the OPTIX identiFIRE system. GINA system navigates and coordinates additional firefighting equipment as soon as it receives an alarm message. While the firefighters are organizing, the GINA system provides them with critical information such as:

  •   GPS location in real time;
  •   The shortest navigation to the fire scene;
  •   Task management for the responsible personnel;
  •   Reports from the field on the progress of firefighting efforts and more.

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  • 14 june 2024
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