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Optix T-Class MultiGun Cup 2023: International Shooting Challenge

06 nov 2023

Optix T-Class MultiGun Cup 2023: International Shooting Challenge

The Optix T-Class MultiGun Cup 2023, a challenging two-day international shooting competition, was held in Bulgaria on October 21-22. This event featured T-Class Multigun disciplines, combining sniper rifles, semi-automatic assault rifles, and pistols, with scenarios on real terrain, including day and night shooting.

The event was opened by Bulgaria's Minister of Defense, Todor Tagarev, who witnessed competitors from Bulgaria, USA, Italy, and Serbia, alongside military personnel from the 101st Alpine Regiment and NATO multinational forces in Bulgaria.

Organized by the Bulgarian T-Class Federation, a key player in national and global shooting sports, this competition solidified tactical shooting as a military-applicable sport, included in the army's championships. Over the years, joint competitions have been held with military personnel from the Ground Forces and the Special Forces Joint Command.

OPTIX is proud to be the main sponsor of this event, which was part of our 25th-anniversary celebration under the theme "Succeeding Together."

  • 06 november 2023
  • OPTIX Co