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OPTIX was in the spotlight at Optatec 2024 and Disasters Expo 2024

23 may 2024

OPTIX was in the spotlight at Optatec 2024 and Disasters Expo 2024


The OPTIX team participated in two world leading exhibitions at Messe Frankfurt, Germany - Optatec 2024 and Disasters Expo 2024. 

During Optatec 2024, the most innovative optical technologies, components and systems were exhibited. In the period from 14th to 16th of May 2024, the exhibition attracted 422 exhibitors from 24 countries. The OPTIX stand enjoyed interest from many manufacturers of optics and optical products. Visitors were primarily interested in our technological capabilities in the field of optics, as well as in OPTIX`s OEM Solutions like thermal imaging modules, which are integrated in OPTIX thermal imaging cameras.

During the same period, Europe's first disaster management exhibition was conducted - Disasters Expo 2024. The event gave the opportunity of OPTIX team to present company's innovative solution in the field of early wildfire detection -  OPTIX identiFIRE. This multi-sensor system utilizes advanced thermographic functions and optimized IR heat detection algorithms to provide highly efficient and reliable wildfire detection, while real-time "Alarm Functions" trigger immediate alerts to relevant authorities. The system excels in detecting this kind of disaster during their initial stages, allowing for swift action and suppression. 

Both of OPTIX`s booths received an overwhelming response from attendees, highlighting the company's commitment to excellence. The positive feedback and enthusiasm surrounding our innovative solutions reinforced OPTIX's position as a trusted leader in the industry.

The OPTIX team is grateful to all visitors, end users, current and future partners for the great interest shown during the two exhibitions.  For all those who were unable to attend the live meetings, we welcome all enquiries for further information and appointments through our contact form  HERE.

  • 23 may 2024
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