The rock concert “WE CAN’T LET YOU GO in memory of engineer Todor Stoitsev will be remembered with a unique rock atmosphere and strong emotions

Rada Stoitseva and OPTIX JSC fulfilled the great dream of eng. Stoitsev.


Almost 3 hours, BTR, AHAT and the special guest - the legendary vocalist of the Rainbow and Deep Purple Joe Lynn Turner - gave the audience a strong musical experience. The popular rock hits and the unique stage presence of the compositions were warmly applauded by hundreds of fans who eagerly await the start of the event at 4.07.


Tony Stoitsev's colleagues from OPTIX, Micro Optics Europe and SCHOELLY-OPTIX groups shared live at the social networks with honest and personal initiations in memory of eng. Stoitsev.


On behalf of the Board of Directors of OPTIX, Petar Cholakov announced the establishment of a scholarship for the training of talented students abroad in his name: He will be forever one of us, we will all remember his smile, I am sure he is here today on this scene.


The concert ended with an authentic folklore performance of his favorite song "Rufinka bolna legnala".