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The 23 rd Birthday of OPTIX – Creating future

26 aug 2021

The 23 rd Birthday of OPTIX – Creating future

With the festive initiative “The Children of OPTIX” the company team celebrated the 23rd birthday in the hot Friday afternoon on the 30.07.2021. Explosion of emotions and experiments filled the Industrial zone of the company. Together with the entertaining team from Amusing laboratory the kids participated in an incredible show under the slogan Adventure in the knowledge maze. The children of OPTIX became explorers and touched the magic of the science. In his opening words the Administration director of OPTIX Mr. Daniel Daskalov addressed the explorers to be brave and to dare to dream.  The gigantic balloons dressed up the bravest ones, and the experiments with liquid Nitrogen brought magic to the event.  The organizers have ensured meetings with a Dinosaur and a Polar bear to bring additional fun to the birthday party.

At the final of the celebration the children of OPTIX made a birthday wish to the company team.

Happy birthday, OPTIX!

  • 26 august 2021
  • OPTIX Co

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