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What makes OPTIX’s mobile surveillance systems an indispensable assistant in defense, security, and ...

28 feb 2023

What makes OPTIX’s mobile surveillance systems an indispensable assistant in defense, security, and fire detection


Every second is crucial for mission’s success. The law enforcement personnel must have reliable unit equipment to react as quickly as possible to prevent any harm to the people, the environment and to secure the national sovereignty.

Mobility is the key for rapid deployment and taking by surprise. With our 25 years of experience, we at Optix completely understand these advantages. Therefore, we have developed unique mobile surveillance systems:

  • Armored vehicles surveillance solutions
  • GUARD mobile surveillance systems
  • OPTIX Mobile IdentiFIRE system
  • Drones for surveillance

Each of them includes our high-class thermal imaging cameras and multi-sensor series. The systems provide unparalleled comfort for the operators, combined with the chassis’ speed, mobility and the ability to traverse all terrains. They are designed to capture high-quality video in any weather conditions.

To be mobile today means to be first. We develop the perfect, fully autonomous integrated systems in mobile versions.





On-site military forces are an essential part of the protection strategy, but that approach is challenging for the monitoring of every crucial area at once. Furthermore, when the guarded area is at a hazardous or a conflict location, the personnel is facing significant liability risk. That’s why surveillance vehicles increase the security of the personnel, allowing flexibility and rapid response to any situation.


Armored vehicles surveillance solutions

These surveillance solutions are capable of detecting intruders and vehicles in any condition. They are equipped with OPTIX Minion R Series – ruggedized thermal imaging cameras. These devices withstand the toughest vibrations and shocks and are specially designed for integration in light and heavily armored vehicles such as BTR, MT-LB, Humvees, or tanks, for completely passive driving and reconnaissance.

Minion R 19 mm and Minion R 9 mm are suitable for driver enhancement camera application with an extra wide field of view and allowing orientation and maneuvering in the darkest night and all weathers conditions.

Minion R 60 and Minion R 100 are specially designed for observation or aiming at distances up to 2000 meters.

OPTIX Minion DE Series is a driver enhancer that allows the control of all vehicles in all kinds of environmental conditions like smoke, dust, snow, or total darkness. An advantage of the camera is the hard carbon-coated protective window with an integrated defroster.


GUARD Mobile Surveillance Systems

There are over 100, varying in appearance from the basic vehicle and the integrated equipment, OPTIX mobile systems monitoring borders and strategic sites on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad.

The Guard Mobile Systems are equipped with OPTIX Guard Series multi-sensor cameras. These systems are providing surveillance at short (up to 3 km), middle-range (up to 10 km), and long-range (up to 20 km) distances, based on including cooled and uncooled thermal imaging and color cameras.




All sensors are perfectly co-aligned together on extremely reliable and continuously rotating pan/tilt platforms to create extraordinary surveillance solutions for the real-time detection, recognition, and tracking of targets over long distances.

The color camera key characteristics include:

  • Image sensor: 1/1,8” Progressive CMOS
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Lens: 10 – 860 mm
  • IP rating: IP67

For the cooled thermal imaging camera:

  • Focal length: 38 – 825 mm
  • IP rating: IP66

OPTIX Guard Series has the following detection ranges:

  • Vehicle detection: Up to 21400 m
  • Vehicle recognition: Up to 14500 m
  • Human detection: Up to 19000 m
  • Human recognition: Up to 8500 m


OPTIX Mobile IdentiFIRE system

In 2017 wildfires occurred all over south Bulgaria. The fire in Kresna is considered one of the biggest natural disasters in Bulgaria. The fire is ravaging 6,000 acres of forest. OPTIX’s devices were the first to indicate the fire, allowing an immediate reaction to the fire’s spread.




OPTIX offers the IdentiFIRE - Integrated system for the localization, initial stage detection and controlling the spread of wildfires.




OPTIX IdentiFIRE uses thermographic functions, based on specially elaborated OPTIX cameras. The system provides great efficiency in hilly, mountain and alpine conditions.

The vehicle, the superstructure manufactured by Czech company ZHT and OPTIX. being an exclusive representative comes fully equipped with the necessary rescue equipment which corresponds with all of the applicable EU standards and regulations.

Did you know that the IdentiFIRE mobile system is part from much complex concept for early fire detection?

  • Detects wildfires at their initial stage up to 10 km;
  • Provides great efficiency in mountain conditions;
  • Suppression of non-fire effects, like particles in the air, sun reflections, vehicles, birds in flight, etc. to minimize number of false alarms to assure high reliability.

Preventing wildfires system includes surveillance towers with multi-sensor cameras and offroad vehicles. They automatically monitor and detect fires at an early stage of development. The system uses infrared (IR) heat detection and smoke detection with a thermographic camera and a color camera, and the data analysis is performed by specialized software. This leads to high efficiency, reliability, and a small number of false alarms. Through radio communication or SMS alarm system, the system notifies the exact location of the natural disaster to the fire forest authority's local headquarter or the command center.

The IdentiFIRE system uses specialized software installed on the workstation in the control center. It can receive information from an unlimited number of connected towers. The operator can manage a tower to which he has configured access. When an alarm event occurs from any tower, the software generates a graphic message and an audible signal, regardless of which overlook the operator is currently connected to. Dedicated software supports digital maps in appropriate format type.

Drones for surveillance

In recent years the military uses drones for modern defense and weaponry. This technology is life-changing for many applications. Same of some benefits are:

  • Protecting the law enforcement personnel from risks
  • Monitoring long-range zones
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • High-quality inspection of the terrain

OPTIX drone surveillance system is equipped with Minion L Series – UAV Thermal Imaging Cameras. These extremely compact and lightweight cameras are specially designed to be integrated into UAVs for aerial and land observation, for different search and rescue operations in isolated areas, and environmental surveys. These devices’ key characteristics are:

  • Uncooled detector with 640x480 resolution;
  • 19 mm, 25 mm objective’s focal length;
  • Human detection > 230 m;
  • Human recognition > 80 m;
  • Vehicle detection > 600 m;
  • Vehicle recognition > 200 m.





Minion L series provides an extra wide field of view and crystal clear image in the harshest weather conditions for optimal user experience.

OPTIX is a company with 24 years of history that puts the best of the knowledge and the skills of its team to ensure a safer world. OPTIX is the only company in Bulgaria developing and manufacturing a full range of exceptional optical devices and systems for the army and police forces. We design, produce and market a wide range of thermal imaging and night vision devices, day scopes, and integrated systems for strategic surveillance and security.

If you are interested to learn more about our devices and innovative solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us HERE



  • 28 february 2023
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