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OPTIX NVA-10- Night Vision Clip-on Device

OPTIX NVA-10 is a clip-on device designed to be used in combination with day riflescopes that are already mounted on the weapon platform. It converts your day riflescope into a capable night vision sy

OPTIX NVA-20 Night Vision Clip-on Device for RPG-7 - 1
OPTIX NVA-20 Night Vision Clip-on Device for RPG-7

OPTIX NVA-20 is a night vision clip-on device, designed specifically to extend the capabilities of the RPG-7 platform. It can be used in combination with the PGO-7V, PGO-7VU or the other RPG-7 optical

OPTIX NVA-50 - Night Vision Clip-on Device

The Night Vision Attachment for Universal optical sight for grenade launcher NVA-50 is designed for observation, detection of enemy personnel, technics and objects and conducting aimed fire with handh

OPTIX NVA-75M EAGC - Night Vision Attachment

NVA-75M EAGC is attachment device that serve the purpose of converting existing sniper rifles into fully functional night vision weapon systems in an extremely easy and quick transition.