OPTIX Blue Border


The integrated system for monitoring and protection of the Bulgarian Black Sea frontier
"Blue" border is built and maintained by the ATO consortium, whose member is OPTIX Co. It provides the Bulgarian Border Police with all the necessary equipment  for marine operations - to detect, identify and track maritime vessels and other illegally passing intruders  in the area of their responsibility (territorial waters, exclusive economic zone and search and rescue zone).

Blue Border

The main functions of the integrated system are:

  • Controls and monitors effectively the Bulgarian territorial waters in the Black Sea;
  • Increases the efficiency in the detection and interception of the illegal immigration and all types of contraband;
  • Increases the level of security for vessels in the coastal zone and provides excellent protection against piracy and terrorist acts;
  • Improves the safety of maritime traffic through early and reliable detection of any objects of maritime traffic and contributes to the prevention and avoidance of collisions between vessels and reduces the likelihood of accidents;
  • Provides assistance to people in distress and assists the Bulgarian Border Police operations in sea search and rescue (SAR);
  • Monitors fishing activities and cares for the conservation of marine resources;
  • Provides information necessary for the operation of the Black Sea Border Coordination and Information Center on monitoring and tracking of suspected vessels floating in the Bulgarian maritime areas in accordance with the commitments between the border and coast guards of the Black Sea countries;

    The integrated system for monitoring and protection of the Bulgarian Black Sea frontier "Blue" border consists of the following components: mobile systems for coastal surveillance, border police vessels, stationary shore posts for technical and visual surveillance and specialized operational centers.

  1. The mobile systems, all manufactured and delivered by OPTIX are autonomous thermal imaging systems, performing tasks on specific areas of the maritime frontier of the Republic of Bulgaria, which is an external EU border as well. The system is based on off-road van. It consists of basic and auxiliary equipment. The main equipment includes: electro-optical equipment, mobile radar station, equipment for processing  of radar information, automatic identification system (AIS), FM radio modules. The control and administration of the sensors and the communication means are performed by separate operator sites in the freight compartment of the van and using the AIS system, the operators are aware of the vessels on the Black Sea coast.
  2. The Border Police vessels ensure the implementation of operations through technical cooperation with other similar systems, part of the coastal surveillance system of the Black Sea in Bulgaria and other Member States of the European Union and NATO. The ships are equipped with electro-optical systems and an automatic identification system (AIS).
  3. The stationary shore posts are autonomous units whose normal operation does not require an operator. They include several systems, part of which is the electro-optical equipment - workstations with specialized control software and backup devices.

    The electro-optical equipment, which supplier and integrator is OPTIX Co executes permanent 24-hours surveillance in all weather conditions (in complete darkness, dense fog, snow, dense smoke and dust) within a radius of 21 km. The information is transmitted in real time to specialized operations centers.
The integrated system for monitoring and protection of the Bulgarian Black Sea frontier "Blue" border ensures the execution of the described operations through technical cooperation with other similar systems of the countries - members of the European Union and NATO.

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