OPTIX HeatseekIR Series H4/M4/L4 - Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera


The HeatSeekIR series is represented  by three highly sensitive cooled thermal imaging cameras. The system is suitable to be used in border control land and marine protected areas.

The HeatSeekIR cameras are able to detect the temperature differences between the object and the environment less than 20 mK. The staring high resolution 640x512 pixels detector delivers high range performance and image qulity. Compact design offers flexibility in different type of configurations, enabling operations in moving vehicles and fixed platforms. 

The cameras are available with different continuous zoom lens systems, which offer different focal length and field-of-view for certain applications.

Depending on the lens systems are available the following models:

HeatSeekIR H4   (38-825mm)

HeatSeekIR M4  (26-560mm)

HeatSeekIR L4    (15-330mm)

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