The OPTIX Remote Controlled Multicopter System HKR-2


The OPTIX Remote Controlled Multicopter System HKR-2 is a military/police class UAV capable of working in heavy conditions and all types of harsh environment. Its main purpose is to serve as a highly sophisticated tool for situational awareness helping police or military personnel to cope with a variety of special missions. The system operates with different types of day or thermal cameras that are specially tuned in order to be mounted on the UAV’s gimbal system.

Advantages of The OPTIX HKR-2:

  • Two configurations with different payload.
  • Carbon fiber body.
  • Capability of attaching different devices to the chassis of the UAV.
  • IP 67
  • Max flight time without any additional batteries: 45 min.
  • Fully independent ground station for control and surveillance.

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