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OPTIX intelliART

A good example of high-tech innovation is our specialized software OPTIX intelliART, which is a complex solution, combining different types of security systems and surveillance.

We set ourselves the task to develop specialized software to combine completely different types of sensors to work flawlessly and to advise the operators on what actions to take – we succeeded.

Specialized Command & Control software

The specialized software OPTIX intelliART is Microsoft® Windows® based and provides a complete C2 solution for brand new or an already existing integrated system.

The software contains modules and allows them to be added or removed in order to limit or extend its functionality depending on the needs of the client.

The leading advantage of OPTIX intelliART is to make logical connections between the different systems for security on a system or hardware level in order to minimize false alarms and to support the activities of the security personnel.

The advantage of the logical connectivity is the rapid location response and the type of alarm.

Thanks to the implemented algorithms for supporting the operator’s actions, the software provides instructions for actions in varying circumstances such as: occurrence of alarm event, instructions for work with the different systems, instructions for evacuation, warns of dangers if necessary or specificities of the protected site.

The communication between all integrated sensors is realized via TCP / IP protocol, which grants extreme reliability, secured and fast connection.

The communication between the sensors in the integrated system and OPTIX intelliART is encrypted and secured by encryption keys, implemented in the software algorithm and firmware of the different sensors.

The special GUI offers the ability for easy and user friendly management of different types of mechanisms and devices such as barriers, tourniquets, locks and locking mechanisms, implemented via the communication channels for data transmission.

Ability for local and remote system’s Command & Control is provided, realized via various communication links such as Ethernet, Internet, GPRS.

The access to the software is restricted using user authentication and password, which regulates the authorization, thus guaranteeing security.

In addition to the above, OPTIX intelliART has automatic video tracking capabilities. The system operator can start automatically tracking a target or group of targets when he decides.

OPTIX intelliART supports raster and vector digital maps and the possibility to visualize targets automatically or manually during events or PoI as well as their manual labelling if it is necessary for greater convenience.