• OPTIX Mobile GUARD mobile surveillance systems

    Представьте себе перфектную интегрированную систему в мобильном варианте. Полностью автономная. Обеспечивающая комфорт для операторов.

    OPTIX DMC (digital magnetic compass) is precise North finding solution working in all weather conditions, anywhere on the Earth.

    OPTIX VSM (Video Stabilization Module) is specialized module for video stabilization. This stand-alone module has built-in video stabilizers, which significantly improve the quality of the video image
  • OPTIX LRF 10

    The laser rangefinder OPTIX LRF 10 measures the distance to the observed target. OPTIX LRF 10 is Class 1 eyesafe laser rangefinder with wavelength 1.54 μm.