OPTIX IdentifieR 60 + LRF - Thermal Imaging Scope


IdentifieR 60 thermal imaging scope is specially designed for the military and law enforcements sniper teams with various features for ballistic corrections and exchangeable reticle designs.

The scope is offered either with 384x288 or with 640x480 detector resolution.

It is shockproof to all heavy caliber rifles such as .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG.  The design of the scope allows it to be used as portable camera enabling video transfer by analog video output or wirelessly. The operation with the device is made through buttons and graphical interface organized as OSD /on-screen-display/.                                                                                         -

  • target acquisition
  • target fire
  • fire control
  • tactical and strategical surveillance
  • field reconnaissance

OPTIX  introduces new Laser Rangefinder LRF 905-500 Compact. The tiny laser rangefinder is designed as an add-on to the thermal imaging scopes of OPTIX.

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