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Consistently following the company strategy of interrupting development, improving business processes, preserving and increasing the trust of business partners, satisfying customer requirements and complying with the realities of external life, OPTIX pays special attention to issues related to the security of the information.

The management of information is of critical importance for the internal company processes and the competitiveness of OPTIX JSC, which is directly related to the requirements for the implementation of the Union publication on ensuring the effectiveness of NATO AQAP 2110. Therefore, the certification is according to the information security standard ISO 27001 is seen as a solid and prestigious proof of the company's ability to protect information activities.



OPTIX ranks among the leading companies for the production of optical components, assemblies and modules and optical-mechanical and optical-electronic devices. Our products are recognized in almost all spheres of the industry and services. We also implement complete engineering of integrated systems for surveillance and security, which is an area of rapidly growing interest in the modern world.

Our quality policy dictates that all processes of design, manufacture, installation, testing, delivery and after-sales care are world-class and constantly improved. The implemented and maintained management system of the quality according to ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 ensures continuous improvement and development, as well as the protection of company know-how. To prevent untested or non-conforming product from being allowed into the process chain, each process is checked and validated before release, and monitored and controlled during execution.



The environmental management policy conforming to ISO 14001 is an essential part of the overall integrated management system at OPTIX. The management is aware of its responsibility to develop not only a successful, but also a socially responsible business, with care for the protection of the environment and the health and safety of people.

The Management is committed to continuous improvement of the practice in the direction of taking actions to prevent pollution or to reduce their adverse impact such as:

  • Assesses the aspects related to consumption of natural raw materials and pollution of environmental components, taking into account the current legal and other requirements, as well as their effective management;
  • Strictly observes and controls the legal and other regulatory requirements for environmental protection applicable to OPTIX;
  • Knows and takes into account the interests of stakeholders regarding environmental protection;
  • Identification and evaluation of the impact of OPTIX products and activities on the environment;
  • Introduction of modern technologies, good production practices and environmentally friendly raw materials and materials;
  • Development and implementation of environmental management programs in order to continuously improve performance;
  • Effective use of materials, raw materials and energy;



The occupational health and safety management policy in accordance with ISO 45001 has a significant share in achieving a higher competitiveness of OPTIX products, in increasing the results and income from labor and is part of our overall development strategy. We accept the implementation of this declared policy as part of our human and professional ethics. With it, we join the fulfillment of the requirements of the European Social Charter to ensure a work environment free of hazards.

  • We aim to prevent injuries and preserve the sustainable working capacity of workers;
  • Prevention of fatigue and stress at work and increase of labor productivity;
  • Increasing the culture of prevention of occupational risks, both for physical and mental health;
  • Increasing the prestige of the profession and work, the attractiveness and satisfaction of work for the benefit of workers and society;
  • Compliance with the safety requirements of the manufactured product and assistance in increasing the safety of the user of the product.


Version April 2024