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OPTIX JSC was founded.



The company built its first and private production facilities. On February 5th, the first optical element was produced.


The workshop for "Spherical and micro-optics" was built. In October, OPTIX JSC launched in exploitation the first machine for optical coatings.


A plant was built for conventional optical components in Popintsi village. Started a modernization of "Spherical optics" workshop. OPTIX JSC mastered the crystal processing technologies of Ge, Si, CaF2.

2002  OPTIX received a quality certificate ISO 9001:2000. The single tube night vision goggles DIANA were certified by the Executive Agency "Testing and measurement control of armament, equipment and property" to the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria. The company won three international competitions for supply of equipment for night surveillance. 120 people of the staff undergo PHARE program training of EU. A new workshop "Flat optics" was opened. OPTIX JSC developed night and day sights for small arms.

The workshops "Preparation operations" and "Micro optics" were fully modernized. A new workshop "Mechanical processing" was built. OPTIX JSC won a competition to build an experimental system for monitoring and early warning of the approaches to site of strategic importance. OPTIX JSC designed the twin tube night vision goggles DIANA TT for commandos and special forces. Started a development of a set of devices for ophthalmology.


OPTIX won:

- a complex tender for equipment of the Bulgarian army with single and twin tube night vision goggles, night and day sights;

- two contest of PHARE program and developed the monocular Diana M, along with a new day sight, night sight, and a collimator sight.

The company established a joint venture firm within the company`s territory for production of endoscopes in collaboration with two leading German companies in the field of optics and medicine.


The modernization of workshop "Finishing operations" was finished. OPTIX introduced a management system ABAS ERP. That same year the company developed the mobile thermal imaging system TERMA-04 and won the national competition for "Innovative enterprise of the year".

2006  OPTIX is one of the first companies in Bulgaria with a certification in accordance with NATO standards AQAP 2110. The company won the contest of the "Agency of the investments" for "Investor of the Year" in category "Investments in high technologies". For second consecutive year OPTIX Co won the National competition "Innovative Enterprise of the Year" and received Diploma from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for the implemantation of innovative technologies.

OPTIX implemented an integrated management system comprising five international standards: ISO 9001:2000 – Quality management, ISO 27001:2005 – Information Security, ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental protection, AQAP 2110 – Military Standard NATO, OHSAS 18001 :1999 – Healthy and safe working conditions. For the third consecutive year the company won the award for "Innovative enterprise of the year".


OPTIX celebrated its 10th anniversary on a corporate gala cocktail party at the Military Club. It became the first Bulgarian company that received the Japanese Prize "Bosei - striving for the stars". The top prize was given for efficiency of the applied system for Total Quality Management /TQM/ in OPTIX JSC manufacturing. In the same year the company also was awarded with the Grand Prix of the Bulgarian Industrial Association for its contribution to the development of the Bulgarian economy and honorable sign - plaque for cooperation from "Artillery weapons and ammunitions".

OPTIX received a "Certificate of excellent practices" in support of the workplace health, given by the European program "Promotion of the health in the workplace".

The Bavarian representation in Bulgaria supports OPTIX JSC as a Bulgarian company with the largest contribution for the year in bilateral economic relations.

Dipl. eng. Ivan Cholakov won the National Award "Man of the 21 century".


In January 2010, OPTIX as a part of the international consortium ATO, signed a contract for building an integrated surveillance system monitoring of the Bulgarian Black Sea border. At the heart of the project is envisaged to cover the Schengen requirements set by the European Commission.

The Executive Director Ivan Cholakov was awarded with a golden anniversary award and a Diploma in the category "Manager" in the annual awards IN-5 of the Bulgarian Chamber of commerce in April.


On 03.02.2011 was held the official opening of a strategic project of the Republic of Bulgaria related to monitoring and protecting the Black Sea frontier - "Blue" border. The integrated system is built and maintained by the ATO consortium, whose member is OPTIX.


It provides the Bulgarian Border Police with all the necessary equipment for marine operations - to detect, identify and track maritime vessels and other illegally passing intruders in the area of their responsibility (territorial waters, exclusive economic zone and search and rescue zone) through technical cooperation with other similar systems of the Member States of the European Union and NATO.


OPTIX won for fourth time first place in the competition "Innovative Enterprise of the Year".


On 06.02.2012 OPTIX JSC officially opened "IR and UV objectives" - a new facility, built with an investment of 5.8 million BGR. Its construction was a project that the company has won funded under the procurement "Competitiveness" and the amount of subsidy is 50%.

On 18.12.2012 OPTIX JSC received another award in the contest "Innovative Enterprise of the Year" in the category "Independent innovation lifecycle."


OPTIX wins the Republic of Serbia border security project under the IPA program, which includes the modernization of 22 checkpoints on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and the development and delivery of 10 mobile surveillance systems.


In 2014 The Integrated system for perimeter security, video surveillance and control of access to the territory of the Military Formation 52370 - Negushevo was built, the sub-systems was assigned to NATO Commodity Numbers. In the same year, the development of the Integrated system for early wild fire detection system OPTIX identiFIRE was started.


2015 OPTIX develops and delivers firefighting vehicles OPTIX identiFIRE Mobile for early detection of fires and extinguishing functions for the needs of the Republic of Bulgaria.
2016  On January 18 2016, the Directorate for Innovation and Industry of the European Commission officially informed the Bulgarian company OPTIX JSC that it has won funding for a proposal for security innovations. Thus, OPTIX becomes the only company in Bulgaria that has won a Horizon 2020 project in the field of security. In 2016 OPTIX opens a new industrial building on the territory of Technological Park OPTIX.

OPTIX met the signing date 5 February with a new production area in Strelcha. The company received the "National Champion" award for Bulgaria from the European Business Awards. In the same year, it built, integrated and commissioned three number of technical monitoring stations for the needs of the National Police Service at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria.


On 5th february 2018 OPTIX opened a new investment area - OPTIX Shooting Complex.

OPTIX JSC celebrated its twentieth-year anniversary!