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OPTIX JSC is a leading company in the optical production in Bulgaria and the international market. We produce a range of special optics for the army and police, night vision glasses and binoculars, laser systems to control and monitoring. OPTIX JSC is place where the new ideas are put into practice. The rapid pace with which we develop, participation in various projects and good market positions are characteristic of our company. We owe our success mainly to people working with us, which challenges and lateral thinking are lifestyle.

In connection with the continuous business development, increase production capacity, innovation and entering new markets, the company regularly recruits young and creative staff by offering:

- Very good working conditions;

- Very good organization of work;

- A real opportunity for professional and career development;
We enable employees to feel valued and rewarded, develop career skills. Advantage gives us and the various directions in which we operate, so the opportunities for career development of our employees are high.

OPTIX JSC has extensive experience in creating and managing working teams that successfully solve their tasks. The motivation of each employee is the main goal of the company's management. It is achieved with a clear development strategy for everyone, from worker to manager several directions:

- Professional development of specialists and workers through trainings for maintenance and qualification and specialization for specific professional fields;

- Providing time and opportunity to raise educational attainment and acquisition of higher qualifications;

Stimulated of initiative for learning foreign languages, work with specialized software, introduction of new technologies, acquiring new equipment;

- Stimulation of innovative thinking, allowing creative people to apply their ideas into practice;

- The company's management enables each proven worker, employee and employer to develop and grow a career tailored to the personal and professional interests.

The basic principles that guide us in the management of human resources are:

- Hire motivated and enthusiastic young people, capable and knowledgeable specialists, proven professionals in various fields who wish to become part of our team.

- Investing in people through the provision of appropriate opportunities for development of each of our employees and providing the necessary training to build and develop the professional and leadership skills.

- We appreciate the individual contribution and performance of each of our employees and encourage best.

If you share our values ​​and want to become part of our success, check vacancies and apply for a job that will be interesting and challenging for you.

Open positions:


RESPONSIBILITIES: • Perform operations according to the process; • Performs necessary adjustments, maintenance and service's operating • technological equipment; • Know and use the control means; • Observe requirements


RESPONSIBILITIES: • Prepare technical documentation according to the standards of the company. • Monitor predicts and optimizes production processes. • Responsible for the construction, equipment and optimization of jobs and processes


Job Description: RESPONSIBILITIES: • Responsible and monitor the manufacturing process of the machines. • Enter data into the software program the machine. • qualifies produced details. • Know and use precision measuring equipment.

Electronics Engineer

Job Description: Responsibilities: • Participate in the process of optimization of electronics products. • Made electronic circuits and prepare design documentation. • Design electronic circuits and prepare documentation. • Analyze and verify Elaboration


Job Description: Responsibilities: • Develop and test software applications; • Software analysis, requirements analysis, evaluation software, analysis of systemic risk, reliability analysis software; • Testing and quality assurance

OPERATOR CNC machine tools

Job Description: Responsibilities: • Responsible and monitor the manufacturing process of the machines. • Enter data into the software program the machine. • qualifies produced details. • Know and use precision measuring equipment. • Responsibility, etc.


Job Description: Responsibilities: - Design and develop constructions of details, units in the composition of products and systems in the plan; - Makes calculations of parts, sub-assemblies and circuits and transmit the finished design documentation;


• Взима активно участие в анализа на характеристиките на новите продукти и участва в създаването на тяхната концепция и архитектура (блок схеми, модули и т.н); • Проектира електрическата схема на устройството. Избира предварителна елементна база, отговаря


• Подготвя предложения за нови продукти за включване в иновационната програма на фирмата • Поддържа тесни взаимоотношения с техническите екипи и R&D направлението, както и с експертите „Продажби“ и е медиатор между тях • Изготвя маркетингови задания,

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