• OPTIX HeatSeekIR Series - Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera

    HeatseekIR is a highly sensitive cooled thermal imaging camera suitable for extreme long-range observation with the purpose for marine and land surveillance, border control etc.
  • OPTIX HeatseekIR Series H4/M4/L4 - Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera

    The HeatSeekIR series is represented  by three highly sensitive cooled thermal imaging cameras. The system is suitable to be used in border control land and marine protected areas.
  • OPTIX Goliath Series - Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera

    Goliath Series are long range uncooled thermal imaging cameras, perfect for integration into surveillance systems.
  • OPTIX MINION R Series - Ruggedized Thermal Camera

    Ruggedized Thermal Camera MINION R Series are designed for heavy and light armored specialized vehicles.
  • OPTIX Minion DE - Ruggedized Thermal Imaging Driver Enhancer

    Minion-DE (Driver Enhancer) is specially designed thermal imag­ing camera allowing the control of all types vehicles in all kind of environmental conditions.
  • OPTIX Minion Series - Thermal Imaging Camera

    Minion is an uncooled thermal imaging camera perfect for integration in observation CCTV systems. It allows 24-hours surveillance in total darkness and harsh weather conditions.
  • OPTIX Minion L - Thermal Imaging Camera for drone

    Thermal Imaging Camera Minion L is designed to be installed on an UAV. The installation is quick and easy with hinges included in the camera kit.
  • OPTIX PAnORAMIx360 - Pan/tilt unit

    The pan/tilt unit is the main element in each & ever multi-sensor system.
  • OPTIX intelliART - Software

    The specialized software OPTIX intelliART is Microsoft® Windows® based and provides a complete C2 solution for brand new or an already existing integrated system.
  • OPTIX Stationary GUARD

    Stationary integrated systems for highly efficient surveillance and security Are you are in need of a professional defence for your strategic area and the important facilities incorporated?
  • OPTIX Mobile GUARD

    Imagine the perfect integrated system in a mobile version. Fully autonomous. Providing unparalleled comfort for the operators.
  • OPTIX Marine GUARD

    They provide speed, precision, responsibility and professionalism when rescuing human lives in the S&R area.