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OPTIX GUARD Series multi-sensor systems

OPTIX GUARD Series is a family of long-range, extremely reliable and super durable multi-sensor systems available in each range and performance class.


The Series includes budgetary, middle and high-end class multi-sensor systems solutions. These are various systems providing surveillance at short (up to 3 km), middle-range (up to 10 km) and long-range (up to 20 km) distances, based on included cooled / uncooled thermal imaging and color cameras.


OPTIX GUARD Series can integrate variety of sensors:

  • mid-wave and long-wave thermal imaging cameras;
  • powerful color cameras;
  • precise long rangefinders;
  • accurate DMC.

All sensors are perfectly co-aligned together on extremely reliable & continuously rotating pan/tilt platforms to create extraordinary surveillance solution for the real-time detection, recognition and tracking of targets over long distances.

No mater the type of installation OPTIX GUARD can be the ideal flawless solution for boundary and coastal surveillance, monitoring and protection in every environment and harsh weather.