OPTIX Minion DE - Ruggedized Thermal Imaging Driver Enhancer


Minion-DE (Driver Enhancer) is specially designed thermal imag­ing camera allowing the control of all types vehicles in all kind of environmental conditions like smoke, dust, snow or total darkness. Minion-DE is based on uncooled microbolometer detector mounted in high durable housing to withstand the rigours of driving process.

An advantage of the camera is the hard carbon coated protective window with integrated defroster.

There is a possibility to overlay the vehicle dimensions on the ther­mal image to provide a perspective of a movement for a superior situational perception and awareness. A variety of functions of the camera can be used via RS232 or TCP/IP interface (manual NUC, image inversion, flipping, zoom, etc.).

Minion-DE is provided with attachment adaptor for proper instal­lation to the vehicle.