Boarhunter 40 - А View Of The Night Spectacle


Boarhunter 40 is a light, reliable and compact night vision monocular. Thanks to its wide objective, this monocular is perfect for observation and full immersion into the depths of the night wildlife.

Boarhunter 40 is a light, reliable and compact night vision monocular.

It is a direct descendant of the night vision devices used by the special operation forces around the world and can be used in three different configurations:

  • attached to the user`s head using a special facemask /included in the delivery set/ keeping both hands unoccupied;
  • as a hand-held observation device, much like a binocular where a-focal magnifiers /delivered as an optional accessory/ may be attached for adding 3x/4x/5x magnification;
  • weapon-mounted behind a "red dot" type sighting system which allows for aiming with both eyes open in night conditions.


Night Monocular Boarhunter 40 - Hunting Optics

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