OPTIX PGO-7V - Grenade Launcher Sight


The optical grenade launcher sight PGO-7V is designed for monitoring, detection of manpower, equipment and facilities of the enemy and target shooting with handheld antitank grenade type RPG-7V. It uses flak, high explosive and incendiary rounds, whose ballistics are applied to the optical scale.

The sight allows distance measuring to the object, adjustment fire and shooting.

The optical scale is designed for direct fire. It contains the ballistics of the respective grenade, the captions identify the type of the grenade, and the written numbers in hectometers the shooting distances. The sight is designed to work in harsh conditions and complies with the requirements of the military standards. With a builtin lighting system scale, the day optical sight PGO-7V can be used for shooting at night for illuminated targets. There is a temperature correction according to the ambient temperature. When working with the sight in a bright sun a neutral filter must be used which is part of the set. When working in a fog an orange filter must be used.

Magnification, times 2.7
Field of view, Degrees 13
Dimensions (L х H х W), mm 140х180х62
Power source 2хАG13 (LR44; 357А; 1/3N; СR1/3N
Weight, kg 0,550 without battery

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