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OPTIX DIANA A - Aviator Night Vision Goggles

OPTIX aviator night vision goggles DIANA A are specially designed for operation by helicopter pilots. They are used for low altitude nap-of-the-earth flights takeoff and landing at night on non-illuminated terrains. The goggles considerably expand the capabilities of the air crews for patrolling, reconnaissance and for search and rescue missions. The absence of eyecups provides fully functional peripheral vision at all times. The goggles can be powered by two packs of two AA batteries each or by connecting to the on-board DC network.

The aviator night vision goggles DIANA A can serve the following tasks:

- Takeoff and landing at night
- Patrolling and reconnaissance
- Nap-of-the-earth flight
- Search and rescue missions

Key Characteristics:

  • The device can incorporate different types of 18 mm Image Intensifier tubes
  • 23,8mm objective’s focal length
  • Has a 41° field of view, wider than the standard aviator night vision goggles
  • Compliance with ANVIS-6