OPTIX DIANA A - Aviator Goggles


The aviators night vision goggles DIANA A are specially designed for helicopter pilots. They allow the pilots to navigate at nap of the earth, take-off, landing and other operations that are practically impossible or extremely dangerous in night conditions without the use of illuminating resources.


DIANA A has dramatically extended the operational mission capability of the helicopter crew:

allow non-stop surveillance of the earth surface at heights not more than 60 m and velocity not more than 270 km/h with wide field of view – 41°, that considerably expands the opportunities of the air-patrolling, flight over poorly illuminated or entirely not illuminated fields, performing night reconnaissance, and search and rescue /SAR/.
DIANA A are mounted to a single point on the pilot’s helmet visor guard. The absence of eyecups and the exit pupil relief allows nearly full peripheral vision.

Magnification 1x
Field of View 41°
Focus range from 0.25 m ÷ ∞
Supplying voltage 2.4 ÷ 3 V DC / 24 ÷ 28 V DC via adapter (optionally)
Battery type 2 x AA (R6) for every pack
Weight of the APS 0.220 kg
Weight of the flip-up helmet mount mechanism 0.200 kg
Weight 0.6 kg (aluminium housing) / 0.55 kg (polymer housing)
Flip-up / flip down button release
The device complies with AN/AVS-6

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