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OPTIX Identifier 75 - Thermal Imaging Sight

Long-range sniper thermal imaging sight

OPTIX Identifier 75 thermal imaging sight is designed for the needs of military and law enforcement snipers engaged in long-range precision shooting. This cutting-edge device comes packed with a wide array of features that allow for accurate ballistic adjustments and offers the flexibility of interchangeable reticle designs. It boasts exceptional durability, withstanding the recoil from high-caliber rifles like the .338 Lapua Magnum and the .50 BMG. Additionally, this versatile sight can double as a portable camera, enabling the capture of analog video footage or seamless wireless transfer of visuals.

Identifier 75 thermal imaging sight can serve the following tasks:

- target acquisition;
- target fire;
- fire control;
- tactical and strategical surveillance;
- field reconnaissance.

Key characteristics:

  • 640x480 detector resolution;
  • 75mm objective’s focal length;
  • Variety of reticle types with ballistics;
  • Video output or wireless transmission;
  • LRF ready
  • Durable housing and design that can withstand the toughest calibers.
  • Human detection – >2000m
  • Human recognition - >690m
  • Vehicle detection - >5000m
  • Vehicle recognition - >1600m

Distances may vary depending on the detector and the atmospheric conditions.

The new rangefinder OPTIX LRF 905-500 Compact is designed as an add-on to the Identifier Series thermal imaging sights and allows accurate distance measurement for even more precise shooting.