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OPTIX Bidentifier - Uncooled Thermal Imaging Bi-ocular

OPTIX Bidentifier - Uncooled Thermal Imaging Bi-ocular

Intelligent Intelligence

OPTIX Bidentifier series are single channel uncooled thermal imaging bi-oculars, designed especially for military and law enforcement personnel for prolonged observation and reconnaissance.


OPTIX Bidentifier allows target detection and recognition in completely passive mode on short and mid-range distances. The sensitive detector and the intelligent digital video processing provide crisp image at any time and in all weather conditions.


The series are equipped also with tripod mount and analog video output and/or Wi Fi streaming for remote observation.

OPTIX Bidentifier series include:

  • OPTIX Bidentifier 100 / E
  • OPTIX Bidentifier 75 / E

OPTIX Bidentifier series thermal imaging bi-oculars can serve the following tasks:

- tactical and strategical surveillance;
- covert field reconnaissance;
- remote observation;
- target acquisition.

  Key characteristics:

  • 640x480 detector resolution
  • 75mm/100mm objective’s focal length;
  • Video output or wireless transmission;
  • Bi-ocular design;
  • Weather type modes
  • Robust and portable;
  • Versatile use: handheld, tripod mountable.

 Extended capabilities:

  • Built-in GPS;
  • Built-in DMC
  • Wi Fi video streaming and remote control.
  • Human detection – >2700m
  • Human recognition - >900m
  • Vehicle detection - >6700m
  • Vehicle recognition - >2200m

Distances may vary depending on the model and the atmospheric conditions.