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OPTIX ZIR 100 - Thermal Imaging Attachment

ZIR 100 Thermal Imaging Attachment is fully dedicated to serve the sniper teams for extended range coverage during the night and harsh weather conditions without the need to change the day scope configuration on the weapon. With new hardware and software features to further facilitate the professionals in the field and ensure precision to every shot.

NEW ZIR 100 has the following improvements:

  • Reduced weight
  • Optimized objective lens
  • Long flexible focusing shaft
  • Precise day scope alignment
  • Build-in leveler for precise shooting position
  • Build-in image recording
  • Excellent image quality with plenty of image optimization filters

The sophisticated design of the ZIR 100 Thermal Imaging Attachment eliminates the need to remove the day sighting equipment since the ZIR 100 mounts directly in line with a standard day optical sight.
Such a combination allows the soldier to avoid re-zeroing the rifle every time the sight set up is changed, since the primary sight remains undisturbed. The point of impact remains the same no matter how often or how many times the clip-on is mounted.