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OPTIX Identifier 100 + LRF - Thermal Imaging Sight

OPTIX Identifier 100 + LRF - Thermal Imaging Sight

Long-range sniper thermal imaging sight.
OPTIX Identifier 100 thermal imaging sight is specially designed for the military and law enforcements sniper teams for long-range target shooting, equipped with various features for ballistic corrections and exchangeable reticle designs. It is shockproof to all heavy caliber rifles such as .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG. The sight can be used as portable camera, enabling analog video or wireless transfer.

Identifier 100 thermal imaging sight can serve the following tasks:

- target acquisition;
- target fire;
- fire control;
- tactical and strategical surveillance;
- field reconnaissance.

Key characteristics:

  • 384x288 or 640x480 detector resolution;
  • 100mm objective’s focal length;
  • Variety of reticle types with ballistics;
  • Video output or wireless transmission;
  • LRF ready
  • Durable housing and design that can withstand the toughest calibers.



  • Human detection – >2700m
  • Human recognition - >900m
  • Vehicle detection - >6700m
  • Vehicle recognition - >2200m

Distances may vary depending on the detector and the atmospheric conditions.

The new rangefinder OPTIX LRF 905-500 Compact is designed as an add-on to the Identifier Series thermal imaging sights and allows accurate distance measurement for even more precise shooting.