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"Mechanics" department is a production unit of OPTIX Co specializing in manufacturing of mechanical parts for: articles for the development of OPTIX Co; tools for the optical, assembly and mechanical production; articles for assembly; clients` orders.
The manufactured mechanical parts are designed for usage in different types of lenses, eyepieces, condensers, target systems, medical, measuring and other devices and systems.


"Mechanics" department has at its disposal high-tech CNC equipment for the production of body and rotational elements with complex configuration and high precision, used in modern opto-mechanical assemblies, devices and systems.

For the elaboration of these elements are used:

  • machining Center MAZAK 510 C
  • five axis machining center MAZAK Variaxis 5X
  • program cutter ASIERA
  • program lathe Mazak QTN 100;
  • program lathe Mazak QTN 250 MS;
  • program lathe Takisawa TC 350.

The flexibility of the machines allows the production of large series of elements as prototypes and pilot batches using CAD / CAM product.

The measurement and the control of the mechanical production is done by precise measurement instruments (3D measurment machine TESA micro-hite), thread and plain gauges and by its own measurement instruments and appliances.
 The guarantee for the high quality of the manufactured complex thin-walled configurations is provided not only by the use of high-tech equipments, but also by the wide experience of the experts and the continuous improvement of their qualification.