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OPTIX offers а cost effective custom fabrication of microprisms and microprismatic assemblies (consisting of three prisms with dimensions from 0.3 mm to 1 mm each). The prisms are processed using the optical contact method. 

Applications: Medical, R&D, Machine vision, Security

Technical data

  • Material: Optical glass
  • Dimensions of an assembly: 1,5mm to 6 mm
  • Flatness: 0.2 PV rings
  • Surface accuracy:  λ/10
  • Roughness (RMS):  1 nm
  • Pyramidal error: 1’ to 5’
  • Angular tolerances: 5 arcsec to 5 arcmin
  • Linear tolerances: +/- 0.01mm to 0.1mm
  • 140o C sustainability
  • High reflective silver coating
  • AR coating 


  • Single-side polishing machines
  • Single-side grinding machines
  • Lapping machines


  • Goniomat (Trioptics)
  • Interferometer (Zygo)
  • Optical Comparator (Keyence)

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