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OPTIX Anti-Drone system

OPTIX Anti-Drone system is designed to detect, track and disrupt UAV/Drones’s navigation, deny and disrupt the control of UAVs/Drones, forcing the UAVs to land or return home.  The OPTIX system uses a combination of a radio frequency detection system and jammer system consisting both Directional and Omni-directional jamming. It disrupts remote control, telemetry, video link and GPS/GLNOSS transmission and is effective against a variety of micro, compact and standard UAVs/Drones.

Man-pack mode is effective against UAVs/Drone up to 1500-2000m (directional) and up to 500-800m (omni-direction).

OPTIX Anti-Drone system is able to detect UAVs/drones as well as their remote control at 500m to 5000m depending  on the transmitted signals and operating environment.   The system is able to detect and recognize the type and location of the drone. It is also able to find the location of the drone operators due to the real-time frequency spectrum monitoring and direction finding system covering 9KHz to 6 GHz and with detection coverage of 360 degrees for both vertical and horizontal angle.