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OPTIX MS Mini Systems for surveillance

OPTIX MS Mini Systems are portable thermal imaging surveillance systems. They are compact and cost-effective solution designed to serve the border guards and other law enforcement personnel for strategic surveillance, perimeter security and patrolling.


OPTIX MS Mini Systems allows short and mid-range surveillance in completely passive mode, day and night and in all weather conditions. The systems allows easy and fast deployment and bringing it into operation mode in seconds.


Request additional information from our specialists regarding the various sizes available in the OPTIX MS Mini Series.


OPTIX MS Mini system for surveillance

  • Reliable assistant to every hunter or officer from forestry or hunting entity;
  • Fast and reliable installation on a vehicle with a vacuum attachment mount;
  • Thermal imaging camera: 640x480 or 384x288 pixels;
  • Pan-tilt unit;
  • Portable control panel with integrated display and joystick control;
  • Power supply 12 VDC;
  • Detection of an animal at a distance of over 900 meters (with 640x480 pixels resolution matrix).