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OPTIX Mobile Command Head Quarters (MCHQ)

Mobile Command Head Quarters (MCHQ)

Although man has built plants, factories, machinery and been to the moon, he will never be able to overcome nature – it is unpredictable. Unfortunately natural disasters are commonplace.

Fulfilling a series of EU and international projects in 2013 OPTIX implemented one of the largest and interesting ones, namely Mobile Command Head Quarters (MCHQ).

OPTIX MCHQ - Mobile Command Head Quarters (MCHQ)

MCHQ was designed to coordinate the actions of the teams of MoI, the fire services, the army, civil defence and specialized rescue organizations for reducing flood damages, forest, field and mountain fires, search and rescue (S&R) of citizens in disasters and emergencies.

Mobile Command Head Quarters are designed to ensure C3 continuity when it is located at one place or when traveling. The vehicles are equipped with radio communication equipment, providing opportunity for operational link and exchange of information via the MoI telecommunication network, VHF and HF radio communications with Government & Local Authorities, MoI organizational units, and the Unified Rescue System teams.

The comfortable cab with its special equipped superstructure, manufactured by ZHT with OPTIX Co. being an exclusive representative for, comes with the standard chassis and a modern ecological engine adapted to operate in extreme temperature ranges allowing for the MCHQ to perform with ease in the most extreme weather conditions and during prolonged travelling over off-road terrain.