Bulgarian companies for lasers, amplifiers, machinery and others plan to invest in the state industrial zone.

The manufacturer of Opto-electronic devices with civil and defense application “OPTIX” Co is going to make the biggest investment from the seven certified companies. The company plans to invest 2.7 million and to open 14 new positions for employees in its new base in Bozhurishte, where manufacturing of optical devices will be organized. The company owns 3 production facilities in the area of Panagyurishte, where more than 450 people are employed.  This new project will make possible the opening of a new production facility in Sofia.
OPTIX Co was founded in 1998. The company has closed production cycle – from R&D to production of prototypes and subsequent serial production. OPTIX Co is leader in the field of producing of  thermal imaging devices for hunting purposes. It is the only company in Bulgaria that develops and manufactures the complete range of special optical devices for the needs of the Army and Police – from Night Vision Goggles and Binoculars to Laser Systems for Control and Observation.   
Since 2004 in Panagyurishte is operating a joint venture company established between Optix Co. and a German company for production of medical devices and systems for endoscopy. The company has been awarded three times with the prize “Innovative enterprise of the year”. Approximately 90 % of the production is intended for export to West Europe and USA. During the last exhibition in Las Vegas the products were highly rated.