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OPTIX Co Introduces ERP System

19 jan 2017

OPTIX Co Introduces ERP System

OPTIX Co starts adopting a new ERP system for management of all operational levels, which will improve the coordination and the logistics in the company. This system, developed by the German firm "ABAS", will realize the management of all resources in OPTIX Co – production, deliveries, sales, finance and accounting. ABAS ERP is based on the newest software technologies and has an integrated mechanism for automatic update of the data base. The concept of the system is optimization of the productivity, effectiveness and adequacy of all processes in the enterprise. The ABAS production functions will support OPTIX Co in the organization of the manufacturing and the scheduling functions will generate procurement suggestions for purchasing, will check the compliance with due dates and will determine the earliest possible final delivery dates.

  • 19 january 2017
  • OPTIX Co

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