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OPTIX Co Launched a Brand New Product during IDEF 2011

19 jan 2017

OPTIX Co Launched a Brand New Product during IDEF 2011

The Military Exhibition in Istanbul attracted the interest of European business leaders and senior military officials in matters related to defense and law enforcement. The forum was particularly important, bearing in mind the exacerbated the situation in North Africa and the Middle East.
OPTIX Co once again received recognition from partners, customers and even competitors, having demonstrated its newest product - thermal imaging monocular DIANA IR. The unit is one of the best in functional and design relation thermal imaging products in the world - opinion openly shared, both during IDEF, and thereafter.
The organizers of the exhibition had tried to attract targeted audience strictly comprising senior military leaders and prominent business representatives.
OPTIX Co implemented a lot of contacts for collaborative partnerships, both in terms of products with military and law enforcement purposes, and the conventional optical production with companies of the region and the world.

  • 19 january 2017
  • OPTIX Co

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