The Prime Minister Boyko Borisov: The Success of OPTIX Co. due to the Professionalism and Innovative Flair of the Company

During the international military exhibition "Hemus" held in the period 30.05-02.06, in Plovdiv, OPTIX Co. presented its product line, combining  personal equipment for night, day  and thermal vision, and integrated systems and solutions for surveillance and security.
Special attention was paid to the new concept developed by the company - i.e. mobile battalion whose intent is to modernize the army, tranforming soldiers in high-tech warriors of the future -  rapidly forming, with perfect synchronization, quick response and working with the latest developments in defense technology.
Honor for OPTIX Co. was the visit of the Prime Minister Mr. Boyko Borisov, who wished to see the latest developments in the field of thermal imaging - thermal monocular DIANA IR and termal camera MINION. In the words of Mr. Borisov  OPTIX Co. products are a model for world class quality as a result of the professionalism and the talent of the company`s team. The focus of the Prime Minister on our products means only one thing - we will continue to work even so hard, putting excellence, creativity and progress which underlie all our developments.