When the rapidly developing Asia stared in your products, you realize how strong you really are" – OPTIX Co.

During one of the largest military exhibitions organized in Malaysia in the period April from 16 to 19th, OPTIX Co. presented the latest versions of its most successful products in the field of thermal imaging and night vision. Himself the Defense Minister of Malaysia Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi visited the booth and wanted to test one of the top products of OPTIX Co. – thermal sight IdentifieR-50. His words were: "Very impressive product!".
The company`s products are easily recognized by customers and partners worldwide in key characteristics such as excellent quality, unparalleled and custom design as required by the buyers. Asian Market evaluates OPTIX products  as one of the most technologically advanced and allows for stable sales growth in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Myanmar, Thailand, etc.
OPTIX team continuously receives the deserved recognition for its work worldwide, which makes us give the best of ourselves and the company to meet the specific needs of our customers. The competition can only stimulate us to be more successful, the company said.