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"A class in OPTIX"

06 june 2018

"A class in OPTIX"

Students competed in mathematics, physics and information technology.


The team of the company welcomed more than 70 students on the territory of "Dr. Chochev" Industrial Zone. They became part of the competition dedicated to the 20-th anniversary of the company. Teams from the schools "Prof. Marin Drinov "with team" Rainbow ", Secondary School " Nesho Bonchev " with the teams "Microscope" and "Light", Primary school "20-th April" with the team “ Apriltsi”, “Otets Paisiy” High School with “Popintsi team” and  PGITMT - Panagyurishte with team "Professionals" were registered to participate in the initiative. One of the tasks in both age groups - from the 5-th to the 7-th grade and students from the 8-th to the 11-th grade was to present the team and the participants. The representatives of team "Rainbow" and team "Popintsi" showed creativity and presented themselves together with the audience from the school.

In the second stage, everyone had the opportunity to solve problems in mathematics, physics and information technology.

In the third stage, the winning teams asked questions about the activities of OPTIX to Daniel Daskalov - Resource Assurance Director and Ivan Natov - Product Manager at the Marketing Department.

"OPTIX class" ended with prizes for all participants. Competitive teams received tablets and the winning teams - "Rainbow" (Teodora Tsvetkova, Steliana Spasova, Valeria Dobreva) and “Microscope” (Martin Geshanov, Angelina Dachkinova and Dimitar Fillin) won a free visit to the OPTIX Multimedia Shooting Range as well as special invitations for the event "20 years OPTIX", which will take place on the 28th of July.

  • 06 june 2018
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