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Wildfire's Impact: Exploring the Consequences and Pathways to Solutions

24 aug 2023

Wildfire's Impact: Exploring the Consequences and Pathways to Solutions

Escalating Wildfires and Health Concerns

The increasing frequency, intensity, and duration of wildfires globally have propelled the need to understand the health impacts of wildfire exposure. Contributing to this heightened risk are the warming climate and the expansion of urban areas into rural territories. Record-breaking wildfire events are causing:

  • Danger to Human Lives
  • Wildlife Habitat Loss
  • Infrastructure Disruption
  • Economic Losses
  • Air Quality Pollution

With the beginning of summer 2023, critical wildfires have devastated countries across the EU and the Mediterranean. This is on top of the almost 260 000 hectars already burnt in the EU since January 2023. These critical fires are causing loss of human lives and massive environmental and economical damage.



Responding to the Crisis: Firefighters' Battle Against Wildfires in Portugal and Greece

In a determined effort, nearly 1,000 firefighters converged near the southern town of Odemira, striving to contain the rapidly spreading blaze. The extent of destruction from fires that raged through Greece in July 2023 are surpassing an area with the size of London. A comprehensive assessment has revealed that around 190,000 hectares of land have been scorched by the flames that released a megaton of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

The scale of these wildfires is evident in the aftermath they leave behind. These are just a couple examples of the problems that record-breaking wildfires can create, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to mitigate their impact.



Innovative Solutions from OPTIX 

Early Fire Detection with OPTIX IdentiFIRE System

OPTIX IdentiFIRE system for early fire detection can alleviate the impact of wildfires and enhance community safety. The system utilizes advanced thermographic functions and optimized IR heat detection algorithms to provide highly efficient and reliable wildfire detection. The OPTIX IdentiFIRE system excels in detecting wildfires during their initial stages, allowing for swift action and suppression.

The OPTIX wildfire detection system fuses essential system elements into a comprehensive shield against wildfire threats. Comprising the DayBreaker 300 Day Camera, Minion F67 Thermal Camera, Panoramix 360° Lite Panoramic device, and a Laser Range Finder, this integrated system orchestrates a symphony of protection.

The DayBreaker 300 Day Camera serves as the system's vigilant eyes during daylight hours. It boasts high-resolution imaging, seamlessly transitioning from wide-angle to powerful 52x optical zoom to capture the visual spectrum with unparalleled clarity.

The Minion F67 Thermal Camera is the system's thermal vision powerhouse. With a 640x480 detector resolution and a 17 µm pitch size, it excels in detecting even the slightest temperature variations. Its thermal sensitivity (NETD) of <50mK at F/1 ensures no temperature irregularity goes unnoticed.

The Panoramix 360° Lite Panoramic Device provides a comprehensive view of the surroundings with its continuous pan movement of n x 360°. With a tilt angle range of -60° to +60°, it ensures no corner is left unseen. Integrated with the digital map, this device enhances situational awareness, enabling rapid response planning.

The Laser Range Finder (LRF) adds a dimension of precision to the system. With a focal length of 67mm and a measurement range spanning from 50 meters to 10,000 meters, it accurately assesses distances and objects within the monitored area. With a precision of 0.5 – 1.5 meters, it ensures pinpoint accuracy.



Adding to these system elements, the OPTIX Software brings in an advanced level of intelligence, contributing to an elevated technical capability. Its "Heat Detection" and "Smoke Detection" algorithms decipher data from the Minion F67 Thermal Camera, distinguishing critical temperature variations and potential wildfire indicators. The "Automatic Scanning" feature ensures continuous coverage, while real-time "Alarm Functions" trigger immediate alerts to relevant authorities. Simultaneously, the "Alarm Log" documents incidents, aiding post-event analysis. This swift transmission of data empowers immediate decision-making and efficient response strategies.

The integration of digital maps adds a spatial dimension to the system's intelligence. By superimposing real-time data onto a visual map, it provides enhanced situational awareness for efficient resource allocation.



Key features:

  • Early stage detection: the system identifies wildfires in their early development stage, preventing further escalation;
  • Versatile terrain performance: wildfires can occur in various types of landscapes, so the systems is designed to operate in various conditions, including hilly, mountainous, and alpine conditions.
  • Non-fire effects suppression: To avoid false alarms, the system is filters out non-fire effects like dust, fog, wildlife movement, and reflections that could be mistaken for smoke or flames;
  • Remote control: the system offers remote control options, allowing operators to manage the system from a centralized control center, a mobile vehicle, or other remote locations.
  • Automatic alerts: The system sends automatic alerts to a preset email, such as firefighting agencies or landowners, when smoke or fire is detected. These alerts could include critical data like GPS coordinates and real-time image, short video or else;
  • Swift Response and Fire Spread Control: With early detection and rapid alerting, firefighting teams can respond more quickly, allowing for better control over the spread of the fire and reducing the potential for destruction.



OPTIX identiFIRE Mobile

OPTIX identiFIRE Mobile combines all the key characteristics of OPTIX IdentiFIRE System with the convenience and the advantages of mobility. It is fully autonomous and provides unparalleled comfort for the operators and the ability to overcome all terrain obstacles.

Key features:

  • Equipped with OPTIX IdentiFIRE system for early fire detection;
  • Fully supplied with the necessary rescue equipment which corresponds with all of the applicable EU standards and regulations;
  • Special equipment such as a water and foam tank and high-pressure motor pump (optional).

As we confront the persistent threat of wildfires, OPTIX provides not just innovative solutions, but a personalized approach to address the unique challenges. To learn more about how OPTIX's solutions can be customized to address your challenges, Contact Us Here.

  • 24 august 2023
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