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Optical systems and innovations in TOP industries

30 jan 2023

Optical systems and innovations in TOP industries

Every company, regardless of the field in which it develops, wants to optimize its production processes, quality control, and be environmentally friendly as much as possible. That requires using innovative technologies and components that allow high precision and accuracy. 

Every industry must rely on equipment that is improving current manufacturing capabilities and enabling new ones. 

As a company with 20+ years of experience, OPTIX understands the importance of driving innovations in every field. Hence, we are developing and manufacturing optoelectronic and optomechanical components that have tremendous impact on all industries, ensuring the future, our lives and protecting nature. 

Challenges and requirements that are facing the industries

With its optoelectronic and optomechanical components, OPTIX emphasizes optimization in every field of life - defense and security, medicine, space industry, machine vision, and the hobby industry. Here's how the solutions optimize fundamental aspects of our lives:

  • In the defense and security industry, tactical advantages and full situational awareness are vital for a successful mission.
  • As a part of the innovative modern world, the space industry, on the other hand, needs information for observation, early warning, and reconnaissance
  • When it comes to the industry in general, machine vision is critical for active quality control. In addition to this, the components also support the maintenance of the manufacturing facilities and equipment. 
  • In the technological world that we face today, recording and sharing your achievements is a part of the hobby industry
  • Nowadays, performing non-invasive procedures, accurate analysis reports, and lighter interventions to preserve people's health are essential for the field of medicine.
  • In the automotive industry, the trend toward using thermal imaging cameras, night vision cameras, and the mandatory use of optical components in the production of modern vehicles, prevent impacts, assist in distance measurement and is crucial for the emerging self-driving technologies.

OPTIX's systems successfully overcome all of these challenges and requirements. We create and manufacture optical solutions that work in different light spectrums:

  • UV spectrum
  • The infrared spectrum
  • Visible spectrum
  • Far infrared spectrum


All of them ensure the precision of the devices that use these optical components and create continuous quality improvement.

Optoelectronic and optomechanical assemblies and products

Scientific instruments, laser systems, life-science instrumentation, machines, aircraft, etc., all depend on the precise alignment of optical and optomechanical components.

The method of processing glass and crystals predetermines the division of the key elements you can find in OPTIX’s portfolio.

  • Processing of optical glass - Microprisms, spherical optics, flat optics - protective glasses and mirrors, optical coatings - anti-reflective, reflective, spectral, optical assemblies, optical blanks
  • Processing of crystals - Optical crystals, laser substrate and lenses, aspheric optics, flat optics - protective glasses, optical coatings - anti-reflective, optical blanks

Implementing these optical systems in every industrial field allows:

  • Monitoring the entire light spectrum of the object
  • Environmental protection due to ecological materials used in the production
  • High-performance processing
  • Precision in the execution of tasks

Optical crystals, laser substrate, and lenses

OPTIX produces lenses with spherical and aspherical surfaces and planar-parallel mirrors and substrates operating in the IR and UV regions.

The department has the latest generation of CNC machines for milling, polishing, centering, and diamond turning optical details.


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Microprisms that OPTIX manufactures are a cost-effective solution using the optical contact method. They consist of 3 prisms with dimensions from 0.3 mm to 1 mm each.
These optical systems are developed to implement in medical, R&D, machine vision, and security industries.


Optical systems and innovations in TOP industries - pic 2


Spherical optics

The personnel engaged in the production is highly qualified and provides excellent quality at attractive prices. OPTIX has three separate sections for the production of high-quality spherical details with a diameter of 10.00 mm to 250 mm:

  • Long series
  • Mid-size optical parts
  • Large size optical parts


Optical systems and innovations in TOP industries - pic 3


Flat optics

A flat lens is a lens whose flat shape allows it to provide distortion-free imaging, potentially with arbitrarily-large apertures.

OPTIX manufactures prisms, flat-parallel lamellae, windows, wedges, optical scales, filters, and mirrors of various dimensions and configurations.


Optical systems and innovations in TOP industries - pic 4


Optical coatings

In its portfolio, OPTIX has technical equipment for applying different types of monolayer and multilayer coatings on glass and crystal.

The optical coatings are anti-reflective, reflective, and spectral. They have different applications in the processing of optical glass and crystals.


Optical systems and innovations in TOP industries - pic 5


Optical assembles

Using optical adhesives with UV and hot induration, the optical elements are bound together in various types of assembled units like:

  • achromatic glasses
  • triplets
  • cubes
  • prismatic blocks
  • endoscope optical units




Optical blanks

Optical blanks are precise measurement devices to control the angular and linear dimensions of the manufactured blanks. The company uses high-tech equipment to manufacture various types and sizes of blanks.



Optomechanical assemblies

Opto-mechanical products are often assemblies that serve to be incorporated into optoelectronic systems. They help to monitor, make quick decisions, analyze the situation and facilitate the overall work of the operator.


OPTIX is a company that constantly develops and modernizes the production of optical elements. To guarantee the optimal quality of the products, we combine traditional and contemporary technologies in production. Some of them are:

  • CAD/CAM system for programming of CNC machines, resulting in reduced time for preparation of the production and  precise definition of the planned production costs
  • Computer network management for CNC machines, ensuring maximum flexibility in preparation for the production and execution of the production orders
  • Supply of equipment providing for maximum usage of capacities of the existing one
  • Delivery of new equipment – CNC machines, measurement equipment, and tooling
  • Construction of modern instrumentational equipment
  • Update of ABAS ERP – software for planning and analysis of manufacturing processes

We at OPTIX strive to be a preferred partner to the business worldwide. More than 45 companies have already trusted us and received high-quality solutions for defense and security, sports and hunting optics, medical equipment, and optical solutions.

To revolutionize today's technologies and continue to provide our current and new partners with first-class solutions, we at OPTIX have put together an innovation process in "The mechanics" department. Within the framework, it is planned to make improvements concerning the increase in labor productivity and competitiveness of the company to price levels of the European and world markets.

  • MRF – technology for removing errors obtained with other traditional technologies
  • Processing of optical elements such as plastic by diamond turning
  • Processing of optical elements and tools from rigid materials by diamond turning
  • Processing of optical elements from optical glass by the method of diamond turning using laser assistance
  • Obtaining elements of chalcogenide glasses by pressing powder under the influence of pressure and temperature

OPTIX strive to be the indispensable partner in the supply and production of optical devices and components, making the world around us more secure by helping industries around the world develop their technologies with innovative products. THE EYES YOU TRUST help us make the world securer, more innovative, modern, and advanced.

If you are interested to learn more about our optical systems, don’t hesitate to contact us.






  • 30 january 2023
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